Your Pool and Power Outages

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Loss of Electricity or Power Outage Procedures During Freezing Weather

  1. Shut off circuit breakers.
  2. Open air relief valve located on top of the filter.  If frozen shut, pour lukewarm water slowly over the entire pressure gauge to dislodge the ice.  Drain water from filter through backwash line or drain plug.
  3. Remove pump basket and cover.
  4. Remove pump drain plugs and drain water from pumps.
  5. Remove drain plug from pool cleaner pump and drain water.
  6. Remove winterizing plugs from side of heater.
  7. Remove lid and plastic tube from chlorinator.
  8. Place empty plastic milk containers partially filled with peagravel or sand in each skimmer to dissipate pressures from ice formation/
  9. Reverse procedures when electricity is restored and freezing conditions have ended.

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