Freeze Preparation

If you do these things when it freezes it will go long way to protect your pool.

  1. Run pump and filter continuously. The freeze guard unit should automatically activate the pool pump and keep it running until temperatures rise above freezing.  Wind, sunlight, and shade may affect the freeze guard operation.  As an extra precaution, remove all tripper pins from main time clock and leave in position.
  2. Carefully break ice formations on tile or pool surface to prevent ice damage.
  3. Clear skimmers of ice. Skimmer door may be removed or weighed down to improve flow if necessary.
  4. Maintain water level.  Evaporation of water is normal during cold weather.  If skimmers draw air, it increases chances of freeze damage to the equipment.  If outdoor faucets are frozen, connect a garden hose to an inside water supply and fill pool from there.  Try to fill the pool before a hard freeze hits.
  5. Maintain valves in normal filtration position for suction and return water to pool and spa.
  6. Open hose bib on backwash line or remove sight glass to drain water from backwash line.
  7. Turn directional returns towards water surface to case surface movement and reduce ice formation.