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Get Your Pool Ready For The Summer!

Summer time is here and that means it’s time to get the pool ready for the warm weather.  A-Affordable Pool and Spa is here to help you make the process of opening, cleaning and maintaining your pool easy and stress free.  Here’s some of the services we have to offer in the Plano area:

Pool Cleaning

Opening your pool for the season or get behind on upkeep?  Let A-Affordable Pool and Spa clean it for you!  Our experts know the ins and outs of what it takes to keep your pool crystal clear.  With our pool cleaning services, we’ll make sure that the water is maintaining the proper chemical balance, free of debris and properly scrubbed down to make sure everything runs smoothly for the warm summer months.

Pool Repair

Is your pool pump making a funny noise?  Does something with the filter seem not quite right?  A-Affordable Pool and Spa can help.  We specialize in pool repair and have the familiarity with all makes and models of equipment to make sure your pool is running great no matter what.  Our fast and friendly staff can help get your pool repaired in a timely matter so you can get back swimming and enjoying the summer

Pool Resurfacing

Was your pool damaged or cracked and in need of repair?  Don’t fret!  A-Affordable Pool and Spa has the equipment and knowledge to resurface the walls of your pool.  Cracks can cause a much larger problem and it’s important to take care of the problem before it gets worse.  We’ll make sure your pool is resurfaced, repaired and ready for you to enjoy the nice weather in.

A-Affordable Pool & Spa proudly services the Plano, Carrollton and Lewisville area with any pool repair and service needs that you have.  Let us help you with what all of your pool service need!  Call us today!


Affordable Pool Cleaning & Repair - Just a Phone Call Away

Pool Cleaning, Plano TX | Carrollton TX, Lewisville TX

Affordable Pools: We pride ourselves on being your "GO-TO" team for affordable pool and spa repairs and resurfacing. If you haven't tried us, please give our Plano / Carrollton store a call to get a free estimate, we think you will like what we have to say. Call us at 972-315-2024

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Resurface That Pool - Pool Resurfacing in Plano, Lewisville, Carrollton TX

Pool Resurfacing, Carrollton TX | Plano TX, Lewisville TXIn addition to weekly pool maintenance, the heart and soul of our company is pool resurfacing. We know pool resurfacing inside and out and we like to share our knowledge with our customers when they need to resurface their pool.

Though there are many types of pool resurfacing materials, the three most common are Plaster, Quartz and Pebble. Plaster is by far the most common because it is less expensive. Quartz and Pebble pool surfaces came about in an effort to resolve some the performance issues that plaster is known for.

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